When hiring a skip you have to ask a lot of questions, simply because you don't want to get caught out with rogue waste carriers.   

Are you a licensed waste carrier

So what are the rules? 

The skip hire company you use must be a licensed waste carrier, and should be registered with the Environment Agency. Any companies, such as skip hire companies, that transport waste are required by law to have a license to carry waste. The Environment Agency keeps a register of all licensed waste carries, and when you have waste to dispose of, you should obtain a waste transfer note so that you have proof the waster carrier is licensed.  

Duty of care

If the waste is yours, you are responsible for its safe disposal. Say you are a householder and you hire a skip, it is your responsibility to ensure you only pass on your waste to a fully licensed carrier. The person who 'owns' the waste is responsible for making sure it is disposed of without harming other people or the environment. 

You might be a homeowner or a builder, but before you hire a skip you must make sure you don't give it to an unlicensed waste carrier. A waste carrier that is not registered is likely to dump the rubbish irresponsibly to avoid having to pay waste disposal costs. If you don't use a licensed waste carrier and the waste is not disposed of legally, then you could be fined quite a hefty sum.


The rules are intended to reduce/prevent fly-tipping, which is the illegal dumping of waste on land. Fly-tipping is an all too common practice which has blighted both urban and rural parts of the UK. The issue has got worse in recent years as a result of taxes on landfill, and an increase in the cost of disposing of waste. Earlier this year it was even reported that fly-tipping has reached 'crisis levels' in the UK, partly as a result of local authorities reducing the number of bin collections they carry out. 

How not to get caught out

Ask for the following before engaging a skip hire company:

  • A waste carrier's license number
  • A waste transfer note

You can also run your own checks online by going to the Environment Agency's website and entering the company's license number. Check that the license number is still valid. If it isn't, look for a new waste carrier. 

It's important to do your research before you hire a skip and take responsibility for the waste you want to dispose of. 

Who are Proskips? 

Proskips is part of the Prowaste Group of Companies. Our aim is always to minimise the amount of waste being taken to landfill, but also to ensure the safe and responsible disposal of waste. As a licensed waste carrier, we can take care of your skip hire and waste disposal needs. 

Are you looking to hire a skip? Do you want to find a skip hire company that is a licensed waste carrier? Contact us today. 

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