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The Construction Recycler of the Year - The National Recycling Awards

Proskips have been using a Paypal Virtual Terminal for nearly 3 years. When a customer calls and books a skip, we enter the ionformation into paypal and an e-mail is autamatically generated for the transaction and send the customer receipt. This costs Proskips between 1.9% and 3% of the transaction value but this is not passed on to the customer. The e-mail is titled as sent from Paypal and so we felt it was a good idea to let our customers know.

It is hard enough to cope with the emotional upset when a relative has passed away but with a long list of things that has to be done, emptying their house and throwing away their pocessions can be one step too far. We list some tips to make the process just a little bit easier,

We have been digging on the internet for art that uses rubbish and have found quite a lot of cool links for you to check out. feel free to voice your opinions as to wether you like it or think it should have remained in the bin. We are fans #coolart # rubbishart



Red Bull Transport for London BBC for Children Deutsche Bank Science Museum


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