Smartphone technology shows that construction workers are safer on the road than nurses, teachers and soldiers.

Construction workers top safe driver table

Insurance company Aviva has released data from its Drive app, which records a motorist’s driving style over 200 miles and provides them with an individual rating out of 10 based on how safely they drive.

After looking at the occupations of more than 20,000 drivers who have registered with the app, Aviva says 68.5% of construction workers scored between 7.1 and 10 – the highest amount of all professions.

This compares with 67.6% of staff nurses, 58.3% of social workers, 57.6% of soldiers and 54.4% of assistant teachers who were rated between 7.1 and 10.

Adam Beckett, propositions director for Aviva, explains: “Many factors affect how safely a person drives. We’re not saying that everyone in a certain profession drives in a particular way, but it’s interesting to see that some occupations score particularly well.”

Meanwhile, a recruitment website reports that salaries offered by the construction industry rose 10.2% in 2015 after the number of vacancies went up 39%.

The average annual salary for construction jobs posted on the site went up to £44,628.46 in 2015 from £40,496.08 the previous year, according to CV-Library.

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