This infographic was not produced in house and inspired us to do a little bit of research.


Dragons Den has had 10 Series to date (2013), the team at Proskips / Prowaste have been trying to establish which companies recieved the largest investment. We appeared in Series 6 and succesfully accepted and negotiated a record Dragons Den deal with Deborah Meaden and Duncan Bannatyne.


The inforgraphic states that there has been a £250,000 investment, but we now know the deal fell apart after the program aired (DDN Ltd ) . The next highest offer was £225,00 for Mode Al a stand and display manufacturer but this also fell apart when it came to the negotiating table.


This now leaves five companies with offers of £200,000. Alpine Cleaning, an HGV cleaning business was not successful in closing the deal, so that leaves 4. Gaming Alerts has dissapreared and is no longer a trading business, we can't be sure they recieved the investment but who knows? That leaves 3.


The Wand Company have nothing about Dragons Den on their website apart from a bunch of screenshots and it has been hard to find out if the investment ever happened. I know the product, a tv remote control, has sold quite well as a novelty item but wether they have a sustainable foundation is questionable. I have no idea if the deal was completed so we are going to temporarily eliminate them from our research. Down to 2.


Coin metrics declined their offer of investment and instead accepted an offer from two industry players.


So ladies and gentlemen that leaves 1.


I hope we are right in re confirming that Prowaste / Proskips are the largest Dragons Den (UK) investment in all the 10 series to date. Woop Wooo


Prowaste is still growing from strength to strength. The £200,000 was put to good use during the major recession that we experienced in 2008 and we have survived the major downturn in the construction sector to come out as one of Londons major waste companies. Tht team went on to succesfully launch to provide skip hire to the whole country which is doing better than ever.


Its a shame the people who publish the statistics and articles dont look a bit deeper as the recognition for having the largest investment may actually continue to help promote our business!


You read it here first.


The largest Dragons Den (UK) investment that completed is actually Prowaste Management Services!


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