An influential think tank has called on producers to take more responsibility for falling recycling rates.

A report put out by charity and independent think tank Green Alliance, argues that greater producer responsibility is key to recycling success.  

Green Alliance has come out in support of local councils, saying that because producers control product design, they can do more to encourage household recycling.  

The report suggests how extended producer responsibility (EPR) could work: producers who use recyclable materials or use packaging that saves on waste can be rewarded, while companies who fail to meet such requirements pay more.  

The author of the Green Alliance report, Jonny Hazell, said: "Recycling in England has become dysfunctional. Businesses blame local authorities, local authorities blame businesses, and householders blame both."

He continued: "Falling recycling rates show that a new approach is needed."

The report argues that greater clarity is needed so that households know what can be recycled and what can't, while proposing households be charged by the council if they are not recycling everything they should be.   

According to a survey carried out on behalf of the Pledge4Plastics campaign, consumers are still confused over what they can and can't recycle when it comes to the disposal of plastic packaging.  
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