We estimate it would take 186 16-yard skips to carry the 46.5 million voting slips Britons are set to fill in today as the polls open for our once-in-a-lifetime EU referendum.

While Proskips would hope the voting slips are recycled after the votes have been counted, politicians, business leaders and the media would have you believe the result of today’s EU referendum could make or break the UK construction industry.

EU referendum could boost skip hire sectorNo matter what your views are about Europe, the best-case scenario for the construction industry would be for Britain to remain as a member of the EU.

The dire shortage of skilled labour in the UK means many businesses in the construction sector rely on workers from other EU countries and further afield.

A core principle of the EU is the right of free movement, which makes immigration between member states relatively easy and stress-free. An EU exit would mean that workers from outside the UK would find it more difficult to gain the right to work here, which could mean that those skilled individuals who Britain needs would instead take the easy option and cast an eye toward France, Germany, or Spain, where the right of free movement would remain intact.

And if Britain’s skills shortage became more acute, it would almost certainly lead to the workers remaining able to demand higher wages, which could increase the cost of projects.

One possible benefit of leaving the EU, however, could be greater overseas investment in the UK. This is because it has been widely predicted that a vote to leave the EU would lead to the pound falling in value against the US dollar and the Euro, meaning overseas investors would have more money available for projects in the UK.

But beware. A leave vote will have implications for construction companies who import materials from the EU and could leave them facing new duties or restrictions. 

And if UK companies wish to continue to export materials or products to the EU they would still need to comply with EU product regulations in the relevant EU member state.

Whatever the result of today’s referendum, life will continue for the construction sector. In the two years the Lisbon Treaty allows Britain to negotiate its exit, the projects already underway or about to start are unlikely to be mothballed.

In fact, the government is committed to investing over £100bin in infrastructure by 2020/21 to deliver projects that are vital to grow the economy. These include plans to build a Northern Powerhouse.
And smaller commercial and domestic building projects will continue no matter whether Britain is remaining in the EU or not.

The need for skips on construction sites will also continue. When it comes to skip hire, the majority of people think good value is the lowest possible price.  

But we disagree. In the world of skip hire, good value starts with a prompt and friendly response to customer enquiries and includes delivering the order at the time it was booked, removing it when the request comes in and, in the case of domestic customers, arranging any permits that are required.

Proskips aims to make sure the service you receive is second to none at a price that is hard to beat.
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