A new fence can increase the enjoyment you get out of your garden by keeping prying eyes from neighbouring properties at bay.

But did you know there are a number of considerations to be aware of when it comes to the dismantling and disposal of fences?

Fences are a common cause of disputes between neighbours, so it is wise to establish whether you have the right to replace your garden fence.

In many cases, this can be done informally by coming to an agreement with your neighbour.

Alternatively, examine the title deeds in your possession or ask the Land Registry for Office Copies and a Title Plan.

This plan will show the boundaries to your land as officially registered at the Land Registry. The Land Registry may also have the historical title deeds relating to your property and, if necessary, these may help you to identify who is responsible for which boundary.

Once consent for a new fence has been gained and the boundary is in place, many homeowners face difficulties disposing of the old fence.

Here, we explore your options…

  • Local recycling centre

If the quantity is sufficiently little to fit in the back of your car, or if you have access to a large enough car or van, a good solution is to take the old fence material to your local recycling centre. Give them a call first to check for any restrictions on kinds of vehicles that can enter as some charge for commercial vans. It is also best to make sure that they will accept treated wood as while most do, there are exceptions.

  • Council pick-up

Some local councils can offer a pick-up service for larger volumes of recyclable waste material so it is worth while exploring whether that is an option in your region. Just give them a call or check online if that is an option and also mention that the wood is treated.

  • Peer-to-peer recycling

In recent years a number of new online initiatives have sprung up, which allow you to offer recyclable materials such as fence panels to a good home. If you have no use for them, someone else might and it will save you the trouble or expense of arranging for the disposal yourself. Freecycle.org is this biggest such site but there are others.

  • Hire a skip

If you have a fairly significant volume of material to be disposed of, the best solution may be to hire a skip. The skip company will come and drop off the skip and pick it up for appropriate disposal of the contents afterwards. An additional advantage of hiring a skip is that you can use the opportunity to get rid of any other unwanted materials or objects you may have if there is still room after your old fence has been disposed of.

Proskips has a range of skip sizes, from 4 yards to giant 16-yard skips. To calculate the size you might need, we run through their capacity.

  • 4-yard skips hold up to 15 bin bags worth of any type of permissible waste

  • 6-yard skips can take up to 20 bin bags of any permissible waste

  • 8-yard skips can swallow up to 30 bin bags of any permissible waste

  • 12-yard skips can carry up to 40 bin bags but the contents should not include hard core or other heavy waste types

  • 16-yard skips can take up to 50 bin bags but the contents should not include hard core or other heavy waste types

Our smaller skip sizes are most commonly hired by domestic consumers who are carrying out smaller home improvement tasks, such as a garden clearance.

For your unbeatable skip hire quote call Proskips on 0800 612 2027 or 020 8879 9892. Alternatively, click here.

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