Hammersmith and Fulham Skip Permits and Licence Information


If you wish to place a skip on any part of the highway (public road) in London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham, you must apply to us for a skip permit.

To ensure compliance with permit conditions, applications will only be accepted from Skip Companies. Building contractors and residents cannot apply.

The skip must be no longer than five metres and no wider than two metres. Consent will not be given for Roll-on Roll-off containers. Whilst the skip is on site a parking bay must be suspended.

The minimum permit period for a skip is one month. After this time, you will need to renew your permit. Renewal is not automatic and will depend on the way works have been carried out during the period of the original permit. If you need to extend or renew parking bay suspension please allow a minimum of two working days and must have a valid skip permit.

Please note that you do not need consent to place a skip on private land. However, you must take due care if using the highway to load or unload. If a skip lorry has to cross a footway to gain access to private land, you must construct a temporary or permanent crossing in the footway.

Please allow 8 days for your application to be processed. You can only apply for your skip online.

How much does it cost?

A skip permit fee is £62 for the first month and £54 for each additional month thereafter. There is an additional charge of £35 for parking bay suspension per day.

Please note – a parking bay suspension may not be required for the full month of the skip permit and may be booked as and when required, however it is an offence to place a skip on the Public Highway with no parking bay suspension.

Fees are paid for at the same time as the application using a credit or debit card. Please note a handling fee of 1.25% will automatically be added to all credit card payments.

Permit fees are non refundable unless a site is deemed unsuitable for the location of a skip by the council and no alternative location can be agreed on.

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