We rent our skips to landlords, builders of every size, and other construction companies – but we want to focus our attention on the private homeowner and the owners of small to medium-sized commercial properties. 

Why? Construction companies and builders know that their work produces waste which needs to be disposed of. So, they come to us. But sometimes it doesn’t cross the homeowner’s mind straightaway, and this is understandable. 

It doesn’t matter whether your project is as small as stripping out the polystyrene coving or as big as turning the integral garage into a wet room and utility room, it’s going to produce waste, and the waste has got to be disposed of in a way that is both effective and legal. 

Skip Hire Service in England
We've outlined six reasons why you should hire a skip during a construction project:

1. Speed

If you’re like most people, you'll want the waste cleared away as fast as possible so that the garden (because that’s where it usually ends up) can get back to its normal function. You won't want to look out of your windows at a pile of rubble. Move quickly, then you can get back to normality.   

2. Site tidiness and safety

Skips don’t tear and spill their load when you put sharp objects in them the way polythene bags do. And having everything in one place is always going to look better than spreading it around. A skip will allow you to keep the area tidy and presentable. Likewise, you don't want waste to be left lying around on site as it could constitute a health and safety hazard. Hiring a skip will allow for waste to be removed as and when it needs to be.  

3. More cost-efficient and saves time

Hiring a skip saves time, money and effort, as disposing of potentially high volumes of waste yourself will require a great deal of time and effort. You would also have to either transport the waste yourself or pay for it to be taken to a recycling/diposal centre. All in all, it's easier to hire a skip.  

4. The annual clean-up

This is what used to be called 'spring cleaning', though it tends to be done nowadays at whatever time of the year is most convenient. Sometimes it isn’t done as thoroughly as it might be – not because you don’t want to, and not because you don’t know what needs to be done, but because whatever it is you’re thinking about is going to produce more waste than you can stuff into your bin for collection by the council. Wouldn’t you love to get that pretend panelling off the wall while you’re cleaning up, so that you can spruce up what’s behind it? Hire a skip.

5. Putting the garden right

Some people detest the very sight of a conifer in a garden. They think conifers look best in plantations on the side of mountains in the Scottish Highlands, ideally screened from sight by broad-leaved native trees. But those conifers in your garden have been there for years, and you’re really not sure what to do about them. Our advice? Cut them down, dig up the roots, toss both into the skip, and have it carted away.

6. And that’s another thing

Have it carted away. When you rent a skip from us, you’re renting it from people who know what to do with your rubbish when you fill the skip with it. We know what the law says. We also know what good waste disposal practice is. We’ll take away what you no longer have a need for, we’ll do it efficiently, we’ll do it without fuss, and we won’t charge more than we have to.

If you’re planning any kind of construction project that’s going to generate waste, find out more about our skip hire service.   

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