The UK's construction industry has reacted positively to measures outlined in The Queen's Speech, welcoming a renewed commitment to housebuilding, sustainable construction methods, and the HS2 extension project. 

Housebuilding pledge reaffirmed in Queen's Speech

The Federation of Master Builders (FMB) had previously raised concerns that Brexit might lead to a shortage of skilled EU construction workers coming to the UK, which could plunge construction projects currently in the pipeline into jeopardy. 

The industry has continually asked the government to safeguard the rights of EU workers in the UK post-Brexit. 

Meanwhile the UK Green Building Council (UKGBC) responded positively to the announcements made by the Queen in her speech regarding housebuilding.  
Chief Executive, Julie Hirigoyen, said: "Modern methods of construction can deliver high-quality homes at the scale required. Sustainable construction has the potential to create high-skilled jobs and position the UK as a leader in low-carbon technology, so it must be placed at the heart of our Industrial Strategy."

The UK's continuing housing shortage is a key issue for the government to address. There is a need for more affordable homes in certain areas, and a need to diversify the way in which those homes are built and delivered. 

The use of renewable energy in reducing energy bills was also touched on in the speech. 

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