If you’re ordering a skip for the first time and feeling unsure about choosing the right-sized skip for your job, you’re not alone. Unless you have plenty of construction industry experience, it is unlikely you will know much about skip sizes. 
To help you out, we’ve put together a guide to choosing the right skip for a range of home renovation jobs, with the help of our friends at Paramount Investments. They’ve helped with many property developments from new builds to commercial investments, so, they’ve seen a skip or two. 
But, first let’s take a look at why size matters when it comes to skip hire. 
Why is skip size important? 
Skips are classified in terms of the volume of waste they hold, which is measured in cubic yards, although beware – sometimes a four cubic yard skip may be referred as a 4-yard skip or even a 4-tonne skip. Just to confuse matters!  
Naturally, the cost of hiring a skip varies according to the size of skip you choose. If you choose a skip that is too small, you may need to hire an extra skip for the amount of waste you have. On the flipside, if you hire a skip that is too big, then you will have unnecessary space left in the skip.  
Choosing the right skip dimension will save you time and money, while disposing of your waste in a manner that is both safe and easy. 
A guide to skip sizes 
Here is the entire range of skip sizes for you to choose from:
Top skip size tips 
By now you should have a better idea as to the right-sized skip for the job. In case you need further help, read on for our top skip tips: 
Assess your waste 
Try gathering your waste in one area so you can form a solid estimate of the size of skip you will need. Also, think carefully about the job at hand. Domestic jobs usually require a smaller skip. For instance, if you are clearing your garden in the autumn months, you will probably need a two or four cubic yard skip. For larger jobs, you’ll need a midi or maxi skip – use your common sense. Roll on roll off skips are reserved for huge volumes of waste. 
Don’t overfill your skip 
This is one of the most common issues. Skip hire companies will refuse to collect an overfilled skip due to weight restrictions. It poses a safety risk to staff and other people on the road when a skip is being transported. 
Consider the location of your skip 
Skips require a certain amount of room to be manoeuvred when they are dropped off or collected. They may also require a permit if they're being placed on a public road or council-owned property, including grass verges. 
It is essential you choose the right skip dimension for the job, but if you need help deciding, we are experts. For further advice, give us a call at 020 3733 9450.

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