So the news from the Chancellor, Mr Gerorge Osborne, on March 20th is that landfill tax will rise by £8 per tonne to £72 from April 1st 2013 and then again by an additional £8 per tonne in April 2014.

Lets Recycle have once again produced a very nice summary of information including Defra spending plans and more information on the red tape challenge that the government are proposing.

With more skip companies managing to recyle higher and higher quantities of waste why should the landfill tax charge be passed on to the customer?

At Proskips we have decided that where possible we will not pass this cost onto the customer.

All of the companies that we work with and witrh material that we collect ourself we aim to recycle as much as possible and can achieve rates of upto 95% diversion from Landfill.

Energy from Waste (EfW) is proving to be a viable alternative and with companies like Sita Suez signing deals with giants such as CEMEX to burn there labdfill bound waste to power their kilns it appears we will mocve forward and stop hiding waste under our beautiful landscape.



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