Growing numbers of retailers are acting to phase out the number of plastic items they sell in a bid to tackle levels of plastic waste.

Pret A Manager is the latest retailer to make changes, announcing it will install taps dispensing free water for customers and sell empty glass bottles.

However, plastic bottles will still be available at Pret stores. The retailer is following on the heels of others who have already taken similar steps, such as Selfridges and Wetherspoons.

There is a growing concern about the sheer volume of plastic bottles and other plastic items being washed up on shores across the globe and the general impact on the environment.

According to The Guardian, every minute across the globe approximately a million plastic bottles are bought.

But implementing such changes by retailers and other organisations is not without its problems. Kathryn England, Head of Commercial at the Zoological Society of London who are also making changes, said: "Obviously as a conservation charity the subject of plastic in the ocean is very close to our hearts". But, England continued, "there is not that much out there that isn’t plastic at the moment,” she said. “One of the big challenges that we have as a zoo is that we can’t have glass on site for safety reasons."  For more on the story, click the link:

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