Only 10% of coffee shop customers use the recycling bins provided, indicating that the coffee industry should do more to make sure cups are recycled properly to reduce waste.  

Coffee shops can do more to boost cup recycling levels

According to research carried out by Frugalpac, 50% of coffee shop customers believe their coffee cups are being recycled most of the time.  

Almost 90% of people feel it is the responsibility of coffee shops to make sure only fully recyclable cups are sold with coffee.  

The majority of consumers agree that recycling coffee cups is important, and feel the coffee industry can do more to ensure cups can be recycled easily.  

Founder of Frugalpac, Martin Myerscough, said: “The simplest way of encouraging people and businesses to reduce their contribution to waste is to give them products which can be recycled easily."

There is a push towards boosting coffee cup recycling schemes, notably with the recent launch of the Square Mile challenge, but this scheme only focuses on one area.  

It's been reported recently that only one in four coffee cups are actually recycled in the UK.  

As a nation we're drinking more coffee than ever before, and over £2 billion paper cups are being thrown away each year in the UK.  

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