Paypal Virtual Terminal

Proskips are proud to work with Paypal to process all of our card payments via our Paypal Virtual Terminal.

The Paypal Virtual Terminal allows us as the merchant to take credit and debit card payment over the phone. We are then charged a fee from Paypal for processing the payment which we do not pass on to our customers but assume it as a cost of sale.

We thought it would be good to explain how the Paypal Virtual terminal works so that when our customers recieve an e-mail from Paypal they understand why.

Our bookings team will take all the information you provide on the location of the skip, the date of the booking, your name and an e-mail address.

Once you have confirmed that you would like Proskips to deliver a skip anywhere in the UK we enter this information onto our skip booking software and onto Paypal to take the payment.

As soon as we click enter the amount is debited from your card a receipt will be autamatically generated and sent to your e-mail.

The e-mail is actually sent from Paypal not from a Proskips e-mail account so do not worry or be confused.

If for any reason the receipt is not recieved then we can send a copy so please feel free to ask.

We love the Paypal Brand and Ethos and will continue to use them as long as they keep delivering a great service at a great price.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to call the team on 0800 612 20 27

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