The beginning of any year always brings with it a mixture of challenges and opportunities, and we can’t help but be excited by the feeling that 2016 is going to be even more successful than 2015.   

The economy is still moving in the right direction, and the chronic housing shortage that has plagued the UK for so many decades appears to have finally penetrated the upper echelons of the UK government.    

The Autumn Spending Review, which took place in November 2015, saw the government announce plans to deliver more than 400,000 houses by the end of the decade.  

However, there is still a vast gap in the UK between the number of homes needed and the number which are actually available on the market, and it is this divide, more than anything else, which fuels the ongoing upward rise in property prices. 

In the face of this, many homeowners are opting to improve their existing properties rather than face the expense and upheaval of moving, and whether this means building an extension, knocking through a wall, converting a loft or turning a bedroom into a wet room when a grown up child moves out, the chances are that the amount of debris produced will necessitate the hiring of a skip.  

As a national skip hire broker, ProSkips does not just supply domestic customers or small to medium-sized building firms. We work with some of the largest construction firms in the country – and new released at the end of last year means many could be making their way to Wimbledon, just a short distance from our base in south-west London. 

In preparation for the arrival of Crossrail 2 – a high-speed rail link connecting Surrey with Hertfordshire – plans have been unveiled to transform Wimbledon town centre. 

The plans to upgrade Wimbledon Station to allow it to handle 30 Crossrail 2 trains per hour passing through, include the demolition of the Centre Court Shopping Centre and could involve up to 11 years of construction activity. 

But back to this New Year. Here at ProSkips, our aim is not simply to make skip hire more affordable, but also to make it an easier process. 

We know we get this right time and time again because our customers regularly pass their appreciation of the professional service we’ve provided and the part we played in making their construction project a success.  

Our New Year resolution, therefore, is to ask you to put this praise in writing, providing us with testimonials that we can use to demonstrate our professionalism and expertise to future customers looking a skip hire broker.   

The key appeal of testimonials, both for us and for customers, is that they are a genuine reflection of real-world experiences. If you’re hiring a skip for the first time, the chances are that, more than anything else, you’d like to be able to speak to someone who’s already been through the process and ask exactly how it went. Testimonials take away the task of hunting for previously satisfied customers. 

If we’ve provided you with a skip and you were impressed with the service we provided, please drop us an email to let us know. It doesn’t have to be long or detailed, just an honest account of what we did for you, cutting through the wealth of advertising material that people are confronted with by being simple, unscripted and, above all, true.   

And if your New Year resolution is to make running a construction project less complicated, please don’t forget ProSkips can answer all your skip hire needs. Click here to get an ultra-competitive skip hire quote from ProSkips. 

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