Whether you are installing a patio to take advantage of the summer weather or are part of the £120m project to build a major new complex for Lambeth College in Vauxhall, construction industry waste is inevitable.

Waste accounts for an average of 1.7% of construction costs, according to the Waste & Resources Action Programme. However, WRAP – a registered charity that was established to promote a circular economy through helping individuals and business reduce waste and use resources more efficiently– points out that figure can climb to over 3.1% for housebuilding.

And the Environment Agency has claimed that the construction industry is responsible for 32% of the UK’s landfill waste.

It is widely reported that of the estimated 420 million tonnes of materials used by the UK construction and demolition industry each year, about 120 million tonnes becomes waste. 

WRAP’s latest estimates, however, reveal that 13 million tonnes of that waste is leftover building materials that gets put in a skip due to over-ordering or damage resulting from it being stored in unsuitable conditions.
This has led DEFRA to estimate £1.5bn worth of surplus construction materials go to waste each year.  
But on-site segregation of waste is not always a cost-effective option.

Ordering multiple skips to put different types of unwanted materials in could not only cost more long before any savings are made.

Two skips take up more space than one. Keeping waste in a smaller area maximises floor space, offering practical and health and safety benefits, while putting waste material in a single skip takes less time.

Time is money and training on-site construction workers staff to segregate waste requires a cultural shift in attitudes. If sub-contractors fail to follow the new rules a site’s segregated waste streams could become contaminated, preventing materials from being reused or recycled.

Proskips has come across a solution for making better use of materials that are unused during a construction project.

Enviromate is a website established by entrepreneurs Reiss Salustro-Pilson and Nigel van Wassenhoven that is advertised as a free leftover building materials marketplace.

The business, which was shortlisted by The Guardian for its Start-up of the Year prize, allows tradespeople, construction companies and DIY enthusiasts to go online and find and trade surplus materials with others in their local area. 

Enviromate says it is not only working to make the construction industry less destructive, the business is helping tradespeople save on tip fees, storage costs and materials and helping protect the environment.
ProSkips is also proactive in helping the construction industry reduce its costs and increase its recycling rates.

As a skip hire broker committed to providing our commercial and domestic customers with the best possible price and service, ProSkips’ approach to recycling has been developed on principles of economic and environmental sustainability.   

We reduce the amount of waste being sent to landfill by working with our construction industry customers to increase the quality and quantity of materials that are kept out of skips.  

The skip hire firms we work with also separate the different waste streams and recycle all of the wood, metal, paper products, plasterboard and glass that are in the loads they remove.

To get the best possible price for your skip hire needs, contact ProSkips today.  

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