When the panelists on TV show Mock The Week were asked to come up with a selection of commercials that never made it to air, the most memorable response was: “The DFS sale has ended.”

Sofas and other cut-price bargains are among the countless items put in the skips that our suppliers deliver to the domestic and commercial customers who contact Proskips looking for the best price on skip hire.

Unlike retail chains, we don’t run buy-one-get-one-free offers on skip hire. In fact, we steer clear of all types of special offers. Instead, Proskips operates on the principle of offering all our customers the best possible value every working day of the year.

But an 8-yard skip is just that – an 8-yard skip. Unlike a leather three-piece suite and a two-seater fabric sofa, there is no difference between the value of the skips we supply. Unless, of course, you’re particular about the colour the steel is painted in.

Nobody hiring a skip cares less about the story behind the object being hired to take away waste material.  

And although Proskips’ approach to recycling has been developed on principles of economic and environmental sustainability, this isn’t always at the top of our customers’ minds.

When it comes to skip hire, the majority of people think good value is the lowest possible price.  

But we disagree. In the world of skip hire, good value starts with a prompt and friendly response to customer enquiries and includes delivering the order at the time it was booked, removing it when the request comes in and, in the case of domestic customers, arranging any permits that are required.

Proskips aims to make sure the service you receive is second to none. However, we acknowledge that price is still the deciding factor. After all, everyone loves a bargain.

Why do you think there were mini-riots at some big-name stores holding Black Friday sales back in November 2014?

Here at Proskips, we are able to provide old-fashioned service at the best price without causing skip hire customers to run riot.

How? By forging links with a variety of suppliers who offer the third party better deals than available to the public.  

Why? Because Proskips gives the ever-growing network of skip hire businesses we work with repeat business.  

You benefit from this arrangement because as a skip hire broker we pass on the bulk of the savings our superior buying power is able to negotiate.  

Although the booking and contract is made between you and Proskips, the skips we supply are delivered directly by the large network of firms we use.   

The added advantage this offers the construction trade is Proskips is never likely to run out of stock – even if we experience a near-stampede of customers demanding mass delivery of skips.   

As the construction trade picks up and demand for skips rises, the network of suppliers Proskips uses is so wide it can always meet a customer’s requirements.

That’s why Proskips doesn’t need to hold a sale or run special offers. To discover how Proskips can help every construction project, garage clearance and garden makeover, click here for a quote that will put a smile on your face.

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