Solicitors that transport their waste material to a paper merchant once a month and charities that collect empty printer cartridges are among the organisations that are risking a fine of up to £5000 if they fail to register as a waste carrier with the Environment Agency. 

waste carrier At the start of 2014, the requirement to register as a waste carrier was extended to include every business in England and Wales that regularly transports any waste, including their own, as part of their company activities.  

The rules are part of attempts by the government to combat illegal waste management and disposal. Similar rules apply to businesses based in Scotland and Northern Ireland, but ProSkips has become aware that few companies are aware of them. 

Which organisations must register as a waste carrier? 

Under the new system, two types of waste carrier registration are in force.    

Lower tier waste carrier registrations are for organisations that only carry their own waste. They apply to organisations that carry low-risk wastes, including general waste, recyclables, mining and quarry waste and agricultural waste. Charity or voluntary organisations and local authorities must also register as a Lower Tier Carrier.  

Examples of lower tier registrations include 

  • Businesses that collect confidential waste from their different locations to centralise at head office.
  • Businesses where maintenance teams carry waste items.
  • Healthcare Trusts where nurses travel with waste sharps in their car. 
  • Carpet fitters who take away offcuts.  

Organisations that transport, broker of deal in other people’s waste as part of their commercial activities, and businesses that carry their own construction or demolition waste must register as an upper tier waste carrier and will appear on the Environment Agency’s Public Register.   

Examples of upper tier registrations include 

  • Waste management companies. 
  • Plumbers carrying waste pipework. 
  • Builders carrying rubble or wood offcuts.  

All organisations that regularly carry waste as part of their business must register as a waste carrier with the Environment Agency.  Failure to do so could result in a fine of up to £5000.  

Are there any exceptions? 

Very few. The Environment Agency advises that the only businesses that do not have to register as a waste carrier are 

  • Ferry operators that transport vehicles carrying waste. 
  • Operators of a vessel, aircraft, hovercraft, marine structure, floating container or vessel being used to dispose of waste at sea in accordance with the Food and Environmental Protection Act 1985.   

The good news is that there is no charge to register as a lower tier waste carrier, the registration lasts indefinitely and is renewed automatically.   

However, upper tier registrations must be renewed after three years. Not only that, there is a charge of £154 per registration and a £40 fee for future updates to the details you provide.  

To register or renew as a waste carrier, broker or dealer, click here. Or to save your business the hassle of applying for lower tier registration or the cost of dealing with an upper tier waste licence, contact us to hire 4, 6, 8, 12 and 16-yard skips. ProSkips also provides a same-day service and a wait and load facility.

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