Whenever you are out and about, you often see a house being renovated. Sometimes you see a skip in the driveway, too. The skips range from extremely large to quite small, with each containing waste from the renovated property. Often, they'll be bursting at the seams.

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Seeing one house being renovated gets your mind thinking about your own, and before you know it, you find yourself wondering about that wall you’ve been hoping to take down, or the landscaping job you planned to do. Or maybe an extension? It all takes time and equipment.

If this motivates you into getting that renovating done or going a bit further and knocking down a wall or two, you are going to need to hire a skip to accommodate waste materials. Where you live and the amount of work you plan to do will determine the size of skip you are likely to need.

Proskips can offer advice here. We are more than happy to advise you on just about any kind of skip you might need in order to get that renovating job done.

And it need not be pricey either.

Price of skips vary on the size and the contents you are disposing of. Don’t forget to keep in mind the number of items inside the skip which can be recycled. Obviously, the more items you are able to recycle, the more space within the skip for other waste. All our skips are affordable and they are suitable and appropriate for anything that comes out of a house renovation.

You may have heard other small builders or homeowners talking about applying for permits, but the facts are straightforward. Providing the skip is going to be on private land with the landowner’s permission, you will not require a permit. If this is your home you are renovating then chances are you are the landowner.

You can keep the skip for up to two weeks, which obviously helps if you are decorating or renovating a property because few things get done in a day if you want to do a good job of them. That said, if you want to load up the skip and have it removed the same day, that can also be arranged.

From homeowners to small builders, we should be your first choice for skip hire because we will attend to your specific needs. Many of our customers are small builders and homeowners because they know we will help get the job done, affordably and professionally.

Why not join them in choosing the best people for your job? To request a cost for your skip hire, get in touch now.

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