The teabag has been replaced as the invention that is most valued by builders and construction workers in Britain.

using smartphones in construction mobileAccording to an unscientific straw poll among an albeit small number of builders and site staff, they put the mobile phone and the internet in joint first place as the most useful invention ever.

Here at Proskips, we were naturally disappointed it was not the 8-year builder’s skip.

Perhaps that’s because there is confusion over the origins of the skip, or dumpster as the Americans call them.

Although skips did not become commonplace on building sites until the 1970s, it is said a skip-like container was first removed by a lorry back in 1922.

Lorry manufacturer Pagefield devised a way of winching horse-drawn containers that were used to collect household refuse onto the back of their vehicles so they could be quickly transported to landfill sites.   

A more up-to-date system was unveiled four years later after The Freighter – a petrol-engined truck with small wheels and hand controls – was unveiled.

Among its many uses was the fitting of a system that could carry sideways-mounted skips allowing several to be carried across The Freighter’s chassis simultaneously.

The Americans, however, claim George Dempster invented the modern-day skip in the 1930s after working in the family construction company.

The Dempster Dumpster, which was unveiled in 1935, was a waste storage unit that could be emptied by winching it onto a specially adapted lorry. Was this the first skip lorry?

The first modern skip came to light in Britain in 1970 when it was unveiled by a waste management company established by Richard Ponti in 1912.

It’s easy to understand why the builder’s skip didn’t make it into our top 10 inventions most valued by builders and construction workers. Few people know who to give credit for its invention.  

We were not surprised, therefore, that the smartphone came ahead of the cement mixer, scaffold tower or even the JCB.

Why? It’s the ultimate communication device that can be used to order every conceivable item of construction equipment, including pizza.

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And finally…

Proskips acknowledges that the effort put into this research bears no comparison to the hard work that the children of parents in the construction industry are doing as they sit their GCSEs, A Levels and other exams that will have a bearing on their future careers. However, we’d like to add that Proskips was forced to exclude your nomination of sand, Jason. Sand is a naturally occurring product and not an invention.


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