36% of buyers who have bought a home in the past five years say they are happy with the quality of the build if built by an SME house builder, but only 17% of those whose home was built by a large construction firm were happy with its quality.

According to new research from the Federation of Master Builders (FMB), buyers are more likely to be happy with the quality and finish of their home if built by an SME house builder, compared with a large builder.  

Chief Executive of the FM, Brian Berry, said: "This research draws a clear distinction between what is being delivered by SMEs and what is being delivered by larger firms."

Berry continued: "For a small, local builder, reputation is everything. They will typically reside in the same community that they’re building in and are therefore doubly motivated to deliver a high-quality product that the home buyer will love".  

Berry points out that smaller building companies are more likely to work with tradespeople who possess a broad range of skills, with a focus on quality finish and attention to detail, while larger firms are more likely to employ semi-skilled tradespeople.

With housing a main feature of the recent Autumn Budget, and the government announcing that more funds will be set aside to aid the delivery of 300,000 new homes annually until the middle of the next decade, more homes are needed, but Berry insists that quality must be key for all house builders, large and small.

If quality building drives the house building sector, local planning committees will be more amenable to new developments.

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