The City of London has launched a coffee cup recycling scheme in a bid to prevent 5 million cups per year being taken to landfill. 

According to the figures, approximately 7 million coffee cups are thrown away every day in the UK, with less than 1% recycled.  

Now Network Rail and The City of London Corporation and coffee shops are grouping together to make sure that shops and streets are kitted out with recycling facilities for coffee cups.  

As a way of incentivising businesses to sign up to the 'Square Mile challenge', the first 30 larger businesses (500 employees or more) will be offered a year's free membership with Simply Cups, which means their recycled cups will be collected.  

Director of Simply Cups, Peter Goodwin, said: 'We’d like to see responsible disposal of these (coffee cups) become as commonplace as paper recycling schemes in offices, and we hope that seeing the products that can be produced from their recycled cups will help motivate city workers to support the recycling effort.'

The importance of effective waste management and recycling has also been raised in the government's 'Building Our Industrial Strategy' green paper. The paper, announced on January 23 by Prime Minister Theresa May, outlines the government's new industrial strategy.  

The document states that the government will 'explore opportunities to reduce raw material demand and waste in our energy and resource systems' and will ' promote well-functioning markets for secondary materials, and new disruptive business models that challenge inefficient practice’.  

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