The clever council have finally installed cameras at Kimpton Park Recycling Center which residents can log in to and see what the queues look like. Unfortunately the traffic is still bad and we have an alternative solution.


Call Proskips and we can come and pick the waste up straight from your house. This will avoid loading your car and making a mess of your interior and is a great option for your post christmas clear outs.


We offer small waste collections in sutton on wait and load service. Our lorry will arrive, throw the waste on the back and off it goes.


This starts from £30+VAT.


We also offer:


4 Yard Skip Hire in Sutton

6 Yard Skip Hire in Sutton

8 Yard Skip Hire in Sutton

12 Yard Skip Hire in Sutton


For any information on skip hire in sutton call the team on 0208 879 9892

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