The cost of Skip hire can fluctuate across the UK and in this article we want to try and explain why.


We first need to look into the process of booking a skip and breakdown all the key stages to see what costs the skip companies have and how this is amounts into the end price .


Lets take an example of Skip Hire in London.


As soon as a customer picks up the phone to order a skip a sales or booking agent will answer the phone. These costs are known as overheads - O/H. A small contribution from each skip will go into a pot to cover the office staffing overheads, the office itself and any other costs without which the business couldn't function. These costs for skip hire in London are higher than other areas because of the cost of living.


A driver is then assigned the job. A contribution from each skip needs to go towards the up keep and maintanence of the fleet of vehicles the company operates to meet VOSA's requirements and of course the diesel needed to get  to the project.


The duration of hire, as in how long the skip is at your propeerty, is not normally charged for however most companies are happy for a skip to be on site for upto two weeks. The container itself is an asset to the london skip companies as it is their means of earning an income. If one skip were to sit on a project for a year and emptied once it would not be a good use of their asset. They want to empty the container at least 26 times in a year(once every 2 weeks). To buy a standard builder 8 yard skip, from a skip fabricator, it costs the company about six hundred pounds so you can see that it need to earn its money back.


When the customer has filled the skip and needs it collected this is where the biggest cost comes in. Recycling and disposal. Imagine that most skips have a wide range of waste types in. Someone at a licenced waste transfer station has to sort through and pull out any materials that can be recyced and they are then left with materials that need to go to landfill or incineration. To tip at Landfill costs nearly £80 per ton. If you are in London these sites are not near by and the waste will be loaded into a big lorry and taken sometimes 100 miles or more to a landfill site.

Skip companies that are in the country side are closer to these landfill sites and do not incur the same transport costs.






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