Recycling rules are too confusing for nearly 40% of people, which is contributing to the UK's poor recycling rates.   
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The survey, which polled 10,000 people across 12 different countries and was carried out by Global Web Index, revealed that 39% of people in the UK are not sure what they can and cannot recycle, while others said they didn't know how to separate recyclable items.  
However, according to the same survey, 98% of the UK public are committed to recycling, while 70% said they recycle every day.  
Despite this, recycling figures in the UK have remained around 44%, and it isn't clear whether or not the UK will hit its recycling targets by 2020.  
International Recycling Day fell on May 17th, and to mark the occasion, Nespresso commissioned the survey.  
UK recycling rules have come under scrutiny in recent years, with many questioning why UK recycling rates are so poor compared with those of other European countries.  
Recycling collection varies across the country, and this has partly been blamed for the public's confusion regarding recycling.  
Recycling industry leaders have said that one, single nationwide approach to recycling is needed, and more investment to increase recycling capacity.  
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