Rules are a funny thing. People make them and sometimes people break them. Then there are the rules you should stick to and the ones you really ought to stick to because if you don’t, morally and ethically, you are doing everyone an injustice.

That’s how we feel about the rules around skip hire permits. If you need a skip for your rubbish, most people will gauge how big a skip they need before ordering it. Some people guess. Sometimes people feel the wait and load services are a cheaper way to dispose of all their rubbish. And sometimes it can be, but it largely depends on the location of the venue where the waste removal is happening.

Let’s go back to basics. Basic rules, that is. If you need to place the skip on private land, no licence is required, so there is no permit to organise or pay for. However, if you need to place the skip on public land then you will need a skip hire licence. To obtain one, you can go to the official government website to apply for it, or we can assist you. The permit fee is variable due to the size of the skip needed and the location of the site. It may take a little time to arrive, however.

Now let’s get back to the point in question. If the fine is less than the permit, why pay for the permit? Well, we return again to morals and ethics. You’ll only be fined if you don’t follow their health and safety rules with what is put inside the skip. Those rules are there for everybody’s benefit. Our skips are not intended to take certain types of waste such as chemicals, hazardous materials and other dangerous items. These need to be disposed of elsewhere.

Over 80% of the waste we take will be recycled, and it is these ethics and morals we adhere to. As should everyone, because it is our individual and collective responsibility to care for it. Even if it means applying for a licence that enables your project to reach its end quickly, safely and cleanly.

So, there you have it. There are always reasons why we have rules to follow. Even if those rules come with permits we need to apply for and pay for.

If you need any help choosing the right size skip for your needs, or if you are unsure what can go inside the skip, we are here to help. For skip hire, get in touch today.

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