Paul Tinton, founder and CEO of ProSkips, reflects on a year of growth for the skip hire broker and reveals his business ambitions in 2015.

What have been the business highlights for ProSkips in 2014?

Over the past two years, ProSkips has set out to build a skip hire brokering service by becoming a hub for other skip companies to secure work in their areas. This helps managers of big construction projects consolidate their buying process by going to a single supplier for all their skip hire needs.

We have worked on some high-profile projects in 2014, such as the ongoing work on Google’s UK headquarters on a 2.4-acre site between King's Cross and St Pancras stations in London and supplying skips for the project that delivered a new London headquarters for Coca-Cola Great Britain.

The work on the Coca-Cola building was a difficult project from a logistics perspective because the office in Wimpole Street is surrounded by streets that make access for skip lorries difficult.  

ProSkips showed its true colours on the Coca-Cola project by bringing together three or four different skip companies, which only our position as a broker was able to achieve.

This gives us a unique proposition compared with our competitors. Our credibility among our peers has risen dramatically and we have become the biggest customer of many skip hire companies, particularly in London. We pay those suppliers the day we book their service, which means everyone is happy. This policy makes us different from other people in this industry.

This has given us more buying power, which allows us to keep prices down for our customers and deliver an unrivalled service level.  

If any of our customers need a skip at this very moment in time, we have the flexibility to approach five or six skip hire companies and say: “Whoever can get to the customer immediately has the job.”  

Other skip hire firms tend not to be able to do that, which means their customers may have to wait 24 hours for a skip. This level of service is our selling point.

The large construction firms have noticed a difference in the level of service we can provide. 

Has ProSkips any other reasons to be cheerful?

We now recycle 98% of the waste that our customers put in the skips we provide. We have passed a host of audits from the bodies that monitor construction performance.

The data that we give our customers benefits the whole supply chain, and helps us win more tenders.  

Over the past 12 months, our turnover and sales have increased and our brand and reputation is becoming stronger. The positive economic outlook in London is also good news for us. Lots of people who have worked with us are changing companies and bringing us with them. We have an increasing network of new clients from old relationships.  

But more important than that is the fact ProSkips is all about building a company. Our whole team is as close as any team can be and that is our greatest achievement of the past 12 months. It’s not about the audits or the money, it’s about being with a group of people who like coming to work and sharing their world together. That’s true gold dust.

What does ProSkips aim to achieve in 2015?

The construction sector works on a project-by-project basis, rather than a contract basis. Even clients that ProSkips has worked with for a number of years do not offer our company any security past the job we are currently supplying them for.  

We don’t have the guarantee of the security of future supply. If the construction sector, and in particular the refurbishment market – which is our main focus – embraced that type of relationship change  

Every building project is different. Most of our big clients are project managers, who collect together the best companies in their fields for each particular job. But every job needs waste management. We are the one relationship that is consistent. However, the construction industry as a whole has a fear of tying itself to one company.  

Therefore, in 2015 we are going to focus on annual agreements with suppliers in order to give ProSkips business security.

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