What will we be building in 2116?

One hundred years from now, the human population will be living in underground cities and in 3D-printed homes, according to a study that looks at the future of living.

As the population is squeezed out of cities, buildings and interiors will evolve into hyper-flexible spaces, with rooms able to change size and shape depending on how many people are in there at one time.

The SmartThings Future Living report suggests that walls, ceilings and floors will have embedded technology that will allow the bedroom to become much smaller and the living room larger when guests call round.

Scientist Dr Maggie Aderin-Pocock says that we'll also be living underwater because land space in urban areas will be in short supply.

And earthscrapers – multilevel, subterranean structures that are built deep into the ground – will become popular places to live. The report’s authors point to super-basements in London as an early example of people looking for more creative ways to add space in popular cities.

Meanwhile, traditional skyscrapers will reach unprecedented heights and prefabricated houses will be assembled on top of the buildings, connected by giant aerial highways and elevated pedestrian streets.

When it comes to travel, we’ll be using drones as everyday transport and taking holidays on the moon, although virtual breaks will also become the norm.

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