It is difficult to predict what is likely to happen to any industry with regards to our current political outlook, and the Brexit coverage has made it even harder to have an opinion based upon a firm foundation because no firm foundation exists at this point.  

Will Brexit damage the construction industry

Of course, it is futile to focus on the negative side of what Brexit will mean to builders, property developers and everybody else in the construction industry. But if we look at what we know for sure, then that may give us steady footing for when national and international decisions are made.

Chancellor Philip Hammond mentioned recently at least one positive aspect to focus on during the Brexit talks, and this alluded to the nationwide investment of other industries. These industries include technology, agriculture and architecture, all of which can assist in the future of the construction industry.

In the past, the UK has relied heavily on skilled workers from the EU. These construction workers expected less money for their efforts. Because the future may well be different with regards to recruiting, it is likely the industry will further invest in apprentice workers instead. While the cost of apprentices is clear, the funding of these workers’ futures is invaluable.

While these apprentices may be looking for a future career in construction, each business will be in a good position to offer a skillset to the apprentice that is specific to their business set up. This means that taking on the worker at the end of the apprenticeship and retention of staff may become much more of an option for long term workers and creative thinkers. This would also increase the competition for future projects.

With regard to the technological side of construction, investment via apprenticeships into architecture, technology for lifting and building machines, and investments into the skillsets of the ‘person on the ground’ and project management means that future employers will be able to make that confident step forwards after Brexit has taken place.

Whatever happens following Brexit, the construction industry will still be able to thrive. People still need houses, workers still need offices, and politicians will still make difficult decisions for the good of the nation. On top of that, Proskips will always be there to offer solutions for your construction waste.

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