So I share a little history with the Candy Brothers. The pair went to school at The Priory in Banstead Village and then Epsom College and have gone on to become multimillionaire developers. I went to The Priory and Epsom College.




So with this common starting point, I felt was a good idea to investigate how you go from zero to hero in the property market. More specifically i want to find out how the Candy Brothers managed it and why the incredible wealth they have generated has not been replicated by me and the others who followed their educational track!


If we work hard, we will all buy a house, for some it will seem a long way off but it is possible. If we are lucky we may do a minor refurbishment or add a little extension and make a bit of a return on our investment but how do you leap to building the most expensive flat block in London at 1 Hyde Park?


We want to find out;


Wikipedia writes that Christian Candy (Monaco-based) and Nick Candy (London-based) are British luxury property developers. The brothers are of partial Greek descent and were estimated to share a joint net worth of £330 million in the Estates Gazette rich list 2010, placing them at position 52 in the list of the richest property developers in the United Kingdom


The Independent wrote a piece on the brothers called "Sweet Dreams" back in 2008 explaining that the story wasn't quite the rags to riches image that had been portrayed by some media. In 2004, the brothers sought out an investment partner to help them buy the site of Bowater House in Knightsbridge, with plans to demolish it and construct 86 luxury apartments.After setting up a joint venture with Waterknights – a private company owned by the Prime Minister of Qatar – they purchased the site from Land Securities in 2005 for a price of £150m.


So wait a minute.... Christian and Nick went from doing minor residential refurbishments to borrowing  £150m from the Prime Minister of Qatar? Thats a major leap. We actually found a facebook link to the investment company, so feel free to like them and ask for some cash.


Now in 2008 I was in a similar predicament with Prowaste and needed to raise some money , I wish I had used faceook instead of going through the BBC!


So whatever we read about the candy brothers it ultimately comes down to "how they got introduced to the investment fund controlled by one of the worlds richest men and how did they pursuade him to invest."


When you have finished Chelsea Barracks guys let us know how you managed to connect to the prime minister was it facebook or linked in..

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