However sad and tragic this may sound we have probably all googled our name at least once. Be honest, most of us do it. We justify that the only reason is to see if there are other people on this smaller and smaller interconnected planet with the same name. The real reason, however, is we want to know whats written about us, if anything, is it nice and is there a piciture.


Google Books has just blown my mind. They have scanned so many books. More importantly, although the scans are in pdf format so that we can't strip the text and republish it, the text and keywords are still found when you do a google search. Thats impressive stuff.


I just found that two published books talking about Dragons Den and our investment from Deborah Meaden and Duncan Bannatyne that google have scanned and mention me! Check this out..


Deborah Meaden - Common Sense Rules: What you really need to know about business


Dragons Den - The Perfect Pitch - How to win over an audience


Although it was a nice surprise for me. Imagine how useful this is for people undertaking research and how much more data this will give us access to.


#mindboggling #lovegoogle #dragonsden

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