Efficient, reliable and law-abiding skip hire companies are often eyed with the same level of distrust and caution as those offering a poor service. 

How to avoid using a bad skip hire company

It's a case of the minority spoiling things for the majority, and this can be true for those providing a legitimate skip hire and waste management service. 

  • Ask to see a waste carrier's license. The Environment Agency hands these out,  and a skip hire company legally has to have one. Make sure you obtain evidence which proves the company is legitimate and would dispose of your waste in the proper way. To check, run a search on the Environment Agency's website and input the company's waste carrier license number. It should still be valid. 
  • Check online for testimonials or reviews, or ask for the company to provide you with details of a few references. A reputable company should be happy to provide you with at least one, if not more, references from recent customers. 
  • Be wary of cheap skip hire charges. Yes, we did say that. The truth is, the collection and ethical disposal of waste is not cheap. There are a lot of overheads a skip hire company has to absorb, from landfill tax to recycling costs to fuel to public liability insurance, among others. If a skip hire company is functioning legitimately, then it will have costs, and these will be reflected in their skip hire rates. 
  • How much does the skip hire company recycle? This is a question you should be asking, as recycling commitments and responsible waste management are all-important. If a skip hire company has a depot, it is more likely they recycle a high percentage of the waste they collect. Proskips is part of the Prowaste Management Services group of companies, and are committed to halving the amount of waste sent to landfill each year. 

These are just some of the things to look out for when hiring a skip, allowing you to sidestep the possibility of hiring a bad skip hire company. 

Whether you're a small business, a larger outfit, or a homeowner in need of skip hire, contact us today for a quote. 

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