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Top Skip Hire Facts:

How do I hire a skip?
You can hire a skip by calling us on 02088799892. Or by visiting our contact page.

What size skip do I need?
Proskips provide 4 yard skips, 6 yard skips, 8 yard skips, 12 yard skips and we also provide 16 yard skips, 20 yard skip, 40 yard skips on Roll on/off lorries. Please see our skip hire page for full details.

How much will it cost to hire a skip?
You can get a free quote today by visiting our skip hire page or by calling us now on
02088799892. The price of skip hire varies depending on the size of the skip, the type of waste you are disposing of and also your location.

Do I require a permit?
You do not need a permit to place a skip on private property as long as you have the landowners permission. If the skip needs to be placed on a public site, such as on a public highway a skip permit must be applied for. For a small charge Prowaste can organise a skip permit for you but please be aware that we can only work as fast as the council who will be issuing it. The cost of the skip permit will vary depending on the size of the skip and your location.

How long can i keep the skip for?
Most of our residential customers require a skip for approximately 2 weeks. This time period can be negotiated to suit your needs when ordering your skip. If you have a permit you must remember to adhere to its regulations. We also offer a wait and load service in which we arrive with your skip to be filled immediately and once it’s loaded we take it away directly (this service does not require a permit).

How much can I fill the skip?
You can fill the skip up to the markings on the side so that it reaches a level load. We just want to ensure the skip is safe for transportation along public highways.

How do I arrange for the skip to be collected?
If you do not specify a date of collection when ordering your skip, just contact us and we will guarantee a quick collection.

How and when do i pay for skip hire?
You can pay for the skip hire using a credit/debit card via PayPal over the telephone when you place your order with us. We do not accept American Express.

How big is the lorry that will deliver my skip?
Please make sure there is sufficient access to your property. The approximate size of the vehicle is: Width: 3 Metres (9.8 feet) Length: 7 Metres (22.9 feet) Height: 4 Metres (13.1 feet)

What Shouldn't I put in the skip?
Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (including fridges, microwaves, computers etc) WEEE, Asbestos - Paint - Tyres - Gas cylinders - Oil - Car Batteries - Toxic waste - Clinical waste. If you want to dispose of any of these items please contact us so that we can make special arrangements for them to be collected.

Do I need to put lights on my skip?
If a skip is placed on the roadside cones and lights are required to ensure the safety of other road users during hours of darkness.

What if I cannot get a permit for my skip?
If you have any problems regarding a skip hire permit we offer a wait and load service that does not require a permit. For more information call us on

Is my waste recycled?
Proskips is part of the Prowaste Group of Companies. As a proud supporter of the halving waste to landfill scheme we aim to reduce the waste being sent to landfill wherever possible. Our depots across the country separate the waste streams and have the ability to recycle: Inert (bricks, soil, concrete etc) - Plaster board - Packaging (cardboard and plastic) - Glass - Metal - Wood and many more…For further information please contact one of the team.


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